Stage 3 
↘ Settling Down
Release: February 10

Where: NiftyGateway
A journey towards healing

Heal The Deal is a Web3 emotional support club founded by french graphic designer and digital artist Maalavidaa on January 28th 2021.
The club acts a safe space driven by a creative, inclusive and caring community while visually and spiritually representing a journey towards healing.

At Heal The Deal, our aim is to always hear, see and support you when you need it most. Here, we believe in the power of individual’s emotions and vulnerability. All are welcome, always.

1Through the primary route of the club, members are able to open up, seek for support and share freely about their emotions.

2Through the secondary route, members can also choose to collect exclusive contemplative NFTs as milestones and reminders of their belonging to a healing adventure. 
The aim of each Heal The Deal’s stages is to visually represent phases of an emotional odyssey by using the abstract and meditative metaphor of traveling. All NFTs are original abstract pieces created by Maalavidaa, inspired by Jungian therapy, Color therapy, and Meditative Exercises.


Heal The Deal
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