↘ February 10, 2022

Where: NiftyGateway

A journey towards healing

“Dear members and new travelers, your attention please. Maalavidaa and Heal The Deal are delighted to welcome you back to web3’s emotional support club. We are now pleased to announce the opening of the settling in process of our journey towards Healing with stage three. All Members and Travelers are now welcome to follow the instructions to regain and take place into their assigned vessels while we get ready for takeoff. “

Heal The Deal’s « Settling In» stage depicts a desire and need for belonging and shelter. Each of the five vessels represents a safe space for you to ground yourself in during the entirety of our trip towards Healing. When everything feels lost, visualize yourself inside your vessel, for it will be your home during your odyssey: an everlasting place where you will always be protected, loved, and heard.

On behalf of the whole company, please take care and make yourself comfortable with us on discord until take-off.

From Maalavidaa with love.

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Heal The Deal
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