Stage 2 → Onboarding
Release: April 22

Where: NiftyGateway
A journey towards healing

Heal The Deal is crypto’s first ever emotional support club founded by french graphic designer and digital artist Maalavidaa on January 28th 2021. Think of Heal The Deal as a safe space in the Metaverse driven by a creative, inclusive and caring community.

We know how much life can be overwhelming sometimes, whether you’re facing personal struggles or trying to keep pace with the art’s world constant evolution. Heal The Deal is here to help you slow down and ground yourself in the present. The club acts as a portal for members to open up and share freely. During their journey towards healing, members can collect exclusive contemplative NFTs as milestones and reminders of their belonging to a supportive community. All NFTs are original abstract pieces created by Maalavidaa, inspired by Jungian therapy, Color therapy, and Meditative Exercises.

At Heal The Deal, we believe in the power of individual’s emotions and vulnerability. All are welcome, always. Feel free to join us now on Discord and discover a new meaning for communication.

Heal The Deal
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