↘ April 22, 2021

Where: NiftyGateway

A journey towards healing

Dear members and new travelers, your attention please. Maalavidaa and Heal The Deal are delighted to welcome you back in the safe and caring space of web3’s first-ever emotional support club. With about 180 Proud, Premium, and VIP members booked on stage one, we are now pleased to announce the opening of the onboarding process of our journey towards Healing with stage two. The aim of each Heal The Deal’s stages is to visually represent phases of an emotional odyssey by using the abstract and meditative metaphor of traveling.

At Heal The Deal, we know how endless and complex the process for recovery and peace can be, no matter where you come from and what you’ve been through. We believe in the power of emotions and vulnerability as a way to shape unique trails for our minds and hearts to revive from the darkest places. We are not lonely passengers traveling through life’s ramifications, but most definitely intertwined and connected by our own choices and mindfulness.

The « Onboarding » stage is represented by six gates as starting points of different paths towards our final Healing destination. Each piece represents an essential action and artifact of the recovery process. Because Healing is different for everyone, one must trust their gut and heart to choose their own lane. With the possibility to combine gates into diptychs or triptychs, you’ll be able to access unique experiences on Stage 3. Proud, Premium and VIP members may carry their membership at all times and head to Gate Y6 for exclusive boarding access with a special treat.

On behalf of the whole company, please take care, have a sit and relax with us on discord until take-off.

From Maalavidaa with love.

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Heal The Deal
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