↘ January 28, 2021

Where: NiftyGateway

A journey towards healing

After years of sharing art online, exploring feelings through colorful abstraction, and sharing insight on mental health with others online; Maalavidaa is now ready to take the same energy and bring it to Web3’s table. As 2020 ended, she made a statement to herself to be even more open about her emotions throughout her journey as an individual and a creative to seal her connection with others further while exploring new artistic possibilities.

With the idea of building a safe and supportive community, Maalavidaa released the first stage of her new project « Heal The Deal » which features her signature aesthetic alongside playful but sensitive designs. Heal The Deal aims to be the start of something bigger as well as a collective experience members build together. Because let’s admit it, life is a rollercoaster and we could all use some emotional support right now.

As Heal The Deal’s first release, membership NFTs have been minted in order to start building a caring community.
The club features three members categories ranging from Proud, Premium and VIP (guests are always welcome). Each membership gives access to a dedicated category in our discord as well as special rewards. The membership tokens are meant to be hold for future drops to access exclusive NFTs as we well navigate through the stages of our journey.

Proud Membership116
Premium Membership63
VIP Membership1


Heal The Deal
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